holidays without alcohol
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It is possible to enjoy the holidays without alcohol.  Great info inspired by our friends at Soberlink

The holiday season celebrations often include alcohol, which can be a huge challenge for those who are in recovery. Parties and gatherings can be particularly difficult, especially if family dynamics are involved which can increase the urge to drink.

But experts say that with some planning and self-care, it is possible to maintain your sobriety and enjoy the holidays alcohol-free:

1. Discover your favorite non-alcoholic drink (and don’t be afraid to ask for it).

Those who are unable to join in on the drinking festivities can feel quite left out. But this is a great time to find a non-alcoholic option. Here are some delicious resources:

2. Start new traditions or find novel ways to celebrate.

If past holidays involved alcohol, doing the same activities can trigger a desire to drink. Creating a new, alcohol-free tradition can support your sobriety and keep you on the right path. Go to the movies or take a ride to see holiday lights, attend holiday concerts or other events can help pass the time. Find indoor activities to keep engaged and focused, such as decorating holiday cookies, board games, or classic movies.

3. Find a sober partner in crime to celebrate along with you.

Chances are you are not the only one in recovery. This is the time to reach out to others who will be happy to abstain with you. Engaging in fun activities together, even mundane errands or hanging out will remind you both that it truly possible to connection and have fun without alcohol.

4. If you feel triggered, it is 100% okay to walk away.

If a situation is making you uncomfortable or causing a craving, give yourself permission to just leave. Putting your needs first is a sign of strength and the right people will understand and support you.

5. Being the designated driver is often perceived as a lame time, but it doesn’t have to be!

If you feel you are comfortable being around others who are drinking, give them the gift of responsibility this holiday season and offer to be their designated driver. But choose people who you know are joyous when they drink. Be sure to include your sober partner in crime, if possible.

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