Domestic Violence
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What can I do if the person responsible for my bond is using it as leverage to take advantage of me?

Over the years we have heard this complaint from time to time. In rare cases, it can be the griping of a petulant child who chafes at their parents’ demands that they abstain from drug use, or seek gainful employment. However all too often these complaints come from women who are bonded out by an indemnitor demanding that they do everything from cook and clean to submitting to their sexual demands in return for not revoking the bond.

This is not only wrong, but possibly criminal and we will work with you to extricate yourself from this intolerable situation. It is possible to switch to a more suitable indemnitor and remove the threat of bond revocation. In some cases if there is no one available to assume responsibility for the bond, we will work with you.

In any case we will urge you to leave when it is safe. If you are physically restrained or threatened we will assist by involving law enforcement.

We can only speak for our agency, but feel that most reputable bail bond agents would be co-operative and do likewise. Those that are in the minority might revoke the bond but that would still be better than enduring physical or sexual abuse.

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