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If you should find yourself in the position of needing a bail bondsman, there are some key things you should look for to keep yourself protected.

Avoid Bail Bond Scams

There are some unscrupulous individuals posing as bail bondsman, but things you can do to keep yourself protected:

  1. Make sure the bail bondsman has a license.  A bail bonds person is a licensed insurance agent that is heavily regulated by the Department of Insurance.  They are required to complete coursework in order to receive a license.  You can usually check for this online at the State’s Department of Insurance website or the appropriate regulatory agency website for that state.  Our license # is:  A144746
  2. Be sure the agent has a physical office.  Beware of a bail bonds person wanting to meet you in a parking lot or restaurant or hanging out in front of the jail, soliciting visitors.  We are conveniently located closest to the Pinellas County Jail.
  3. The agent should be able to produce a department of Insurance I. D.
  4. Locate a bail bondsman that has a solid reputation and a track record of service.  Action Plus Bail Bonds has been in business for over 27 years.  How many companies can say that?
  5. Ask the agent how the bail bond process works.  If he/she asks for fees in excess of what the law allows or promises that the charges can be dropped for an additional fee, leave immediately and report them to law enforcement.  For more information visit our How Bail Works page.

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