Having Served the Community for over 30 years we have seen first hand how hard it is to deal with alcohol & substance dependence. Now with more deaths than our country experienced in the Viet Nam Conflict there is a special sense of urgency to do “something”.

Most cannot afford treatment programs and although our political leaders talk a good game they have not seen fit to make funds available.

Still we have come across some programs that are affordable, discrete and convenient. For your convenience we have listed some below.  Let us know if you come across any we have missed.

Good luck and good health!

Sober Grid

Sober Grid is a free iOS/Android app that connects you with other sober people. You are instantly connected to a global sober community in your neighborhood and around the globe. You can build strong sober support networks and inspire others.


Triggr Health helps you create a plan and path to meaningful, long-lasting relief from opioid, alcohol, and other substance dependency. It is not a rehab facility or an app. They’ve created a totally new system of care that understands where you are and how you’re feeling, and has your back 24/7.

No embarrassment, no guilt, no shame just unconditional support in the moments that matter most.

Suboxone Drug Rehab Doctors

If you want to find a treatment provider to treat opioid dependence and see if SUBOXONE Film is an option for you.

Tampa Methadone Clinics

The United States Resource Center and Online Directory of Methadone Treatment Clinics.