Alcohol Monitoring & GPS Tracking.

In addition to bail bonds throughout Pinellas County, we also offer assistance for the defendant who wants to be proactive regarding the charges they are facing. We have an array of services in Clearwater and Pinellas county which we can refer to you that could be favorably looked upon by the court.

For example, we can set an appointment to determine your individual needs followed by a referral to programs or classes such as outpatient substance abuse, anger management, or batter’s intervention, just to name a few.

We are also the sole provider of SCRAMx alcohol monitors in Pinellas County and provide additional alcohol monitoring systems, House Arrest, GPS Tracking & drug testing. For more information, visit us at soberlinkAction Plus Bail Bonds (aka Tampa Bay Monitoring) provides alcohol and GPS monitoring services throughout Florida in Tampa Bay, Pinellas County, Hillsborough County, & Pasco County. We evaluate individual clients and can provide a device that is best suited for their medical needs and work situation.

Our complete offender management program also provides active and remote state of the art GPS with the most secure straps available today. That allows the defendant to maintain employment while helping to assure the safety of our community.

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Increase your chances of staying out of jail.

Those arrested for an alcohol related charge should know that there are enhanced penalties if they have:

  • A blood alcohol reading of .15 or higher
  • Incurred a second or subsequent DUI
  • An accident resulting in property damage or injuries to others
  • Driven with a child 18 years or younger

You will want to discuss this with your attorney. However, it may be in your best interest to prove to the court that you are able to maintain your sobriety. We can help by providing the necessary documentation through the use of an alcohol monitoring system.

Cell Phone - SoberlinkIn some cases it is possible to avoid jail or reduce your sentence through the use of GPS and SCRAM alcohol monitoring. Our GPS bracelets for house arrest are available with or without an alcohol monitoring component. We also offer discreet alcohol & GPS systems for those with employment or specific medical needs.

Our alcohol monitoring, GPS, and drug/alcohol education can provide an alternative to incarceration.  Contact us today.